Thursday, March 22, 2012


It is with a saddened heart to announce that one of PBPP's most loyal "family" members had a terriable family tragedy on  this   past Tuesday February 13, 2011.

Renae  and Jr. Biggs came home to find their cherished pets perished in fire. All 5 dogs were resued pit bulls, with CGC designations, ambassadors themselves. Everything in their home is gone. We need community support (money) to help them.
On February 13, Renae and Jr Biggs went to the store to get dog food. In the short time that they were gone an electrical fire started in their bedroom. They came home to hear the fire alarm ringing and in a manic rush to save their 5 dogs. They were able to bring all of them out and the fire department tried doing CPR but they were all gone due to smoke inhalation. All 5 were pit bull ambassadors  and were loved by the community. Along with the loss of the dogs they also lost precious family heirlooms that were in the closet next to where the fire started, as well as cash and money orders they were saving for surgeries planned that week. They are devasted, homeless and hearts ripped open over the loss of their "kids". These dogs were their LIVES.  

Ranae and Jr are beloved in this community because they themselves would be the first people to step forward with whatever they had to help another in need. At this time while they grieve for their lost family, lets please make the rest easier on them. Insurance will be helping at some point, but as of midnight on 2/13, EVERYTHING they have is gone. The most urgent need is money, so they can rest easy knowing the mortgage is paid, bills are paid, and get the essentials to survive. They will also need a place to live until their house is restored, could be months.

Please visit the chip in page and make a donation, every single dollar adds up!

For more info, or to make specific donations etc, please email

This family , 2 legged and 4 legged were  and still are ardent advocates for our breed and were shining Ambassadors.

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