Tuesday, June 9, 2009

pbpp status

It with a heavy heart that I must inform you that PBPP’s hiatus will be longer than expected and all events have been cancelled until further notice.

I would like to thank all the participants and walkers who helped PBPP accomplish its original goals. PBPP’s goal was to promote responsible Pit Bull Ownership & Positive Breed image, educate the owners as well as the public to all the issues that surround our breed including temperament and training issues as well as to bring awareness and advocacy for our beloved breed. With your help and eagerness we have accomplished our goals!!! I receive hundreds of inquires locally and countrywide from people and organizations who want to emulate us and follow in our foot steps. So please pat your self’s on your back and say JOB WELL DONE !!!!

PBPP activities has opened the door for the many other advocacy groups that have popped up since our inception. I am proud that they have used PBPP as their spring board in starting their own organizations.

Even though PBPP is stepping aside for a while this does not mean we will be permanently gone. Within the next coming months PBPP will be once again combining their efforts with one of Florida’s oldest and respected Pit Bull Organizations- Mid Florida American Pit Bull Terrier Association- in efforts to help promote responsible ownership, bite prevention, training and true pit bull breed educationtrue pit bull breed education. We will work hard to bring the Pet bull community and the Show community together for the same common goal and that is to promote our dogs in a positive and true manner that is befitting of this wonderfully loyal and courageous breed.

In the mean time I humbly ask that you continue to walk your dog on a daily basis, spend time getting to know your pit bull’s temperament, get to know all their likes, dislikes and any little quirks that make them the unique breed that they are. Please continue to provide supervised and controlled socialization as much as possible and if your dog prefers to be the only dog that gets your lone attention that that is fine too. Please remember never to set your dog up for failure .I highly encourage that you form your own little walking groups with other known pit bulls and their owners. Get out there and show what responsible ownership is all about and be a true Pit Bull advocate.

It is has been such an honor to meet all of you and your beautiful dogs and I hope to see you again.

Most sincerely and humbly yours
Crystal Jimenez
Founder PBPP

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