Sunday, July 29, 2012


HOT FUN IN THE SUMMER TIME is an understatement!!!
It was in the high 90's yesterday but we still had an awesome turn out for the walk in Channelside.

It was awesome to see all the dogs playing and cooling off in the many  doggie pools we had set up along the walk's route and even greater seeing them enjoy the "water park".

I would like to thank the following people/entities for helping in making this such a wonderful event:

1. Kathy Nelson from Pibble's to the Rescue for being instrumental in getting this walk together.  Her enthusiasm to keep Pit Bulls Pounding the Pavement alive and active is humbling.

2.  The Owners of the LUXURY BOX who had been warned that Pit Bulls would only bring trouble and they aren't worth the effort yet took the chance on us and who were highly impressed with how wonderfully behaved our dogs were. AWESOME FOOD AND STAFF. We felt very welcomed!

3.  BAY AREA ICE, for providing  over 30 twenty pound bags free of charge for the doggie pools used along the walk route.  Their service was top notch, on time, professional yet very personable.

Please support these companies as much as possible as they are proven supporters of our breed and our cause to promote responsible ownership and positive breed activities.

Please note our next walk will be our PIT BULL AWARENESS WALK in September. Please keep your eyes open for more information.  This is our annual event and this will be an be our"EVENT" of the year!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hello All,

PBPP will be holding a "CASUAL RELAXED" walk on July 28th in ChannelSide, Tampa, hosted by the LUXURY BOX .

Recently there has been a lot of rumbling about a local DJ and his strong anti-pitbull campaign.
We have had  many requests to make this walk a protest against that station.

This is PBPP stance on this issue: 
For many years PBPP has gone toe to toe with this person and the station with minimal success of any long true or long change. Therfore,  WE REFUSE TO WASTE ANYMORE OF  OUR TIME BRINGING ANY MORE ATTENTION TO THIS PERSON , STATION OR SPONSORS. 

PBPP feels that we should focus on and  put our  best efforts into  supporting  those who support us such as radio/TVpersonalities , stations, organizations, and business's that have proven time and again to be true friends to our breed... those who chose to help uplift the breed and their owners.

So saying this ...Please come out Next weekend and just have a nice time supporting our breed and their  wonderful  responsible owners .

Thank you for being a Responsible Owner.

Founder PBPP

Thursday, March 22, 2012


It is with a saddened heart to announce that one of PBPP's most loyal "family" members had a terriable family tragedy on  this   past Tuesday February 13, 2011.

Renae  and Jr. Biggs came home to find their cherished pets perished in fire. All 5 dogs were resued pit bulls, with CGC designations, ambassadors themselves. Everything in their home is gone. We need community support (money) to help them.
On February 13, Renae and Jr Biggs went to the store to get dog food. In the short time that they were gone an electrical fire started in their bedroom. They came home to hear the fire alarm ringing and in a manic rush to save their 5 dogs. They were able to bring all of them out and the fire department tried doing CPR but they were all gone due to smoke inhalation. All 5 were pit bull ambassadors  and were loved by the community. Along with the loss of the dogs they also lost precious family heirlooms that were in the closet next to where the fire started, as well as cash and money orders they were saving for surgeries planned that week. They are devasted, homeless and hearts ripped open over the loss of their "kids". These dogs were their LIVES.  

Ranae and Jr are beloved in this community because they themselves would be the first people to step forward with whatever they had to help another in need. At this time while they grieve for their lost family, lets please make the rest easier on them. Insurance will be helping at some point, but as of midnight on 2/13, EVERYTHING they have is gone. The most urgent need is money, so they can rest easy knowing the mortgage is paid, bills are paid, and get the essentials to survive. They will also need a place to live until their house is restored, could be months.

Please visit the chip in page and make a donation, every single dollar adds up!

For more info, or to make specific donations etc, please email

This family , 2 legged and 4 legged were  and still are ardent advocates for our breed and were shining Ambassadors.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Long time no blog

Hello ...
Due to all the social networking we are now associated with, I have been neglectful of this blog. My new years resolution is to try and keep up on this blog and to publish it in a timely manner.

But this is a new year -2012-..and Yes Pit Bulls Pounding the Pavement Inc is still around and going strong in our community.
I am so glad to say that within the last 4 years since our inception the PIT BULL COMMUNITY has come sooooo far and Pit Bull Awareness in Tampa Bay has practically come full circle. We now almost have too many Pit Bull "experts" in our community.(tongue in cheek lol ). We now have numerous Pit bull rescues, educational organizations and events through out the Tampa Bay Area.
We have always had the full support of Hillsborough County Animal services and I am so proud and happy to say that their adoptions of pit bulls have triple over the years due to all the hard work of some pretty awesome volunteers (who many are original PBPP members)and the backing of the "Heads of the HCAS". They now have the PIT BULL AMBASSADOR PROGRAM, The ADOPT training program and the PIT CREW PROGRAM which is sponored by BEST FRIENDS inc.

Here are some of PBPP's happenings over the pass year or so :

I must start off the updates with very sorrowful news : Brutus - the true reason and  inspiration behind PBPP being founded  passed away on Sept 16, 2011 after a valiant battle with Osteosarcoma (bone) cancer.  He was only 8 years old and was at the prime of his life.  He has been missed tremendously. Everytime I hear that another Pit bull has been adopted from HCAS I have a bittersweet smile on my face as this is how I know his legacy will forever live on and his trials in life was not in vain.  He was my teacher in all things PIT BULL. Please click on the link below the picture  to find out more about how he was so instrumental in saving and rehoming so many Pit bulls in the Tampa Bay area and beyond and to find out more info on Canine Cancer.

This past year PBPP has again held our annual PIT BULLS POUNDING THE PAVEMENT WALK for Pit Bull Awareness month. This year we had over 120 dogs and participants. After the walk we had a big party at Gaspars Grotto with all kinds of doggie contests. It was an awesome event ( I promise to Post pics real soon)!!!! We could have had more but this is a safe number. The safety our dogs is our top priority. We had some pretty awesome dogs and wonderful responsible pit bull educated owners.

We were invited back again for TAMPA'S CHILDREN'S SANTA FEST parade (3rd year) and Pinella's Parks Christmas Night parade (2nd year). Last years parade (2010) we were honored to have BEST FRIENDS representatives join us to help show off our dogs. 
Being invited to participate in these parades is such an honor as the Childrens parade never allowed animals prior to our first appearance, more less pit bulls.  They were so impressed that we are now on the permanent invite lists. I want to send both cities our sincerest thank yous as they have been very instrumental in helping us educate our community on this breed.
Trying to get this blog caught up has made me realize exactly how much PBPP has changed and grown over the years and how much of an impact we have actually had in our community. WOW... sigh..slight smile... WOW....

Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped this community grow and to whom continue to help our breed look forward to much better days .....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

dog aggression? long read but worth it

Thank you Lindsat Biddle for a great article I COULDNT HAVE WRITTEN THIS ANY BETTER !! The things in bold I strongly aggree with ,

What should we do about dog aggression?
Filed under: PIT BULL BLOGGS — bahamutt99 @ 3:18 am by Lindsay Biddle

When we talk about the American Pit Bull Terrier, most dyed-in-the-wool fanatics will tell you (often with the gleam of pride in their eyes) that it is without a doubt a dog-aggressive breed. But when you ask the unknowing public about Pit Bulls, they often equate them more with consuming babies than with attacking other dogs, and will even use terms like “pack mentality” when referring to them. Of course, the remainder of APBT enthusiasts are scattered somewhere in between. Some take sensible precautions with their dogs while others go so far as to turn them loose at a dog park. Still others don’t even bother to think about the aggression at all until it explodes like a landmine in their face.

What about those of us who are responsible for the breeding, judging and overall continuation of the breed? What are we supposed to do about the dog aggression in our dogs? On one end, you have fanciers who wouldn’t dream of owning (let alone breeding) a dog who did not show enough fire. On the other end are those who are working to squelch that fire completely. Is there such a thing as right and wrong here? Is it right for a breeder to focus on producing dogs that are so hot they cannot breed without human intervention? Is it wrong for another breeder to produce dogs so cold that they might as well be Golden Retrievers? (And I am not saying that as a breed Goldens are 100% dog-friendly; they were the first example that sprang to mind.)

When researching about pit winners that got along with other dogs outside of the pit scenario, I came across a lot of “I heard,” and “I was told,” but there are enough tales circulating that we can reasonably believe that there were some pit CH and GRCH that could tolerate other dogs. Two that spring to mind were GRCH Santa’s Mongoose and GRCH Greenwood’s Jimmy Boots. Mongoose was said to roll on his back and allow puppies to nip at him, while Jimmy Boots was said to ignore other dogs unless they made the horrible mistake of attacking him first.

These were exceptional dogs, no doubt, but is there a reason why they shouldn’t be the ideal? We strive to preserve the heritage of the breed, but do we adhere so blindly to a limited purpose that we also limit the breed’s future?

Today’s dog is usually measured by his capacity as a family dog. It is our responsibility as proponents of the breed to maintain his functional ability, but I think we have to come to terms with the fact that most APBTs are in pet homes. And pet homes don’t necessarily want a dog that will kill their other dog, or their neighbor’s dog, or a visiting friend’s dog. I hear in my head the counter-argument – one which I’ve made myself – that this is not the right breed for every home and people should respect that. There is sound truth in that statement, but is it a good enough reason to discourage breeding dogs who lack the characteristic dog aggression?

Those that know me know I’m no fan of matching, but I can’t help but wonder if it is actually the criminalizing of matching which has led to an increase in dog aggression. Perhaps enthusiasts – robbed of the opportunity to prove their dogs in the pit – are simply selecting the dogs who behave in the most fight-ready manner.

Before I am driven out of the community with pitchforks, I feel I should share my viewpoint on the subject. My take is simply that dog aggression should not be a factor in a breeding program. Breed your best dogs and don’t worry about the rest. If that means the breed’s temperament becomes a bit more moderate over time, so be it. But it is foolishness to my mind to value a fight-crazy maniac more highly than his equally nice (but relatively laid-back) brother. Just as I feel it is foolishness to exclude a dog from a breeding program because it is too hot. I no more want to see the APBT watered down than I would want to see him become a Sheltie, but I think some breeders are over-emphasizing keeping him as hot as possible.

I can easily embrace the idea of wanting to preserve the breed as a complete animal, including a temperament that reflects his history. But are we as modern-day fanciers of the breed inadvertently favoring dogs who themselves would not have been favored 100 years ago? I have heard many historical stories of dog-friendly or dog-neutral pit winners, and not so many of dogs who were so hot that they would attack puppies and females in heat. (The source is lost in my muddy memory, but I have heard of dogmen who disliked dogs that would attack puppies, thinking they were curs. Things like that give the lie to “bait animal” stories, but I digress.) Perhaps it is just a blind spot with me. Or perhaps it means that old-time pit dog breeders didn’t place a high emphasis on a dog’s willingness to grab any other dog.

Time goes on no matter what we do, and the breed does change. We have a responsibility to preserve the American Pit Bull Terrier, but we also must at some point decide where our priorities lie. What is most important to the APBT’s future? Do we keep the fire burning at all costs; worship the grab-anything dog as the escutcheon of the breed? Do we throw out that old warrior business and start breeding the APBT as the ultimate family pet? I can only hope that the answer lies somewhere between the two extremes.

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September 18, 2008
A word about courtesy

Sunday, October 4, 2009


YESTERDAY was the graduation of Mid Florida APBTA's
First ALL APBT obedience class.

Looking back to the first class all the owners and dogs were kinda loosey goosey in their training and ownership and we had a few very dog aggressive /high prey dogs in the class that were charging each other, barking , growling, horting and snorting , some had dominance issues and others just plain out had bad manners.

Duane the Trainer told us on the first class that beginners obedience is more about the owner than the dog and promised us by the end of the 8 week class that all would be able to stand within inches of each other with out inappropriate behavior. I am sure many of us were skeptical.

Through the 8 week course we learned that: we the owners were responsible for our dogs behavior and the more time you spent with your dog and demanding more from yourself as well as your dog it would show and WHAMO he was right..
We had a few unsure, non confident owners ( one being me ) who stepped up to the plate and demanded more from ourselves and the proof is in our dogs.

During the last class ..Graduation day .. all the dogs and their owners had to go through their final exams..sitting and staying for 3 minutes , doing a non assistant down and staying for 3 minutes, stay and recall and sit. During this time 3 dogs together were being tested at a time and it was amazing to see these dogs within feet of each other sit, stay , down and stay for over the allotted time but the amazing part was that it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop ..all the dogs were sitting and actually paying attention to their owners and not the other dogs or any of the other distractions in the park that day.....
Before the class was over , the owners were instructed to stand in a circle and TO MOVE IN ..step by step each owner and dog moved toward the middle of the circle..within 4 or 5 steps all the dogs were inches from each other and were almost face to face , all were sitting on command and not one dog broke the command,..not one dog snarled or growled ..this lasted 15 minutes or more...

I was amazed At all the quietness and then I realized


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tampa Pit Bull Training Class

Mid Florida APBTA has been offering to its members and the Public the only training class specifically focused on the AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER in the TAMPA BAY AREA.

The first class started AUgust 8th and is an 8 week class which ( August 8th - thru September 26th).The class meets every Saturday morning at 10:00AM. Veteran's Memorial Park, 3602 N. Hwy. 301, Tampa, FL 33619.

Trainer Duane Bryant has over 30 years experience in dog training/dog behavioral issues. We think you all will be impressed with Duane's program. Duane himself owns Rotties and Pitties.


This class will be offered again in the Fall of 2009.
Add your name to the mailing list by emailing Lisa Hutches, President at or call (813) 335-0708 .