Sunday, December 14, 2008

PBPP Dec 2008 Merry Christmas

PBPP will not be holding its monthly walk this month due to the numerous activities we all participate in during this month of Christmas celebrations. We will pick up again in January and have a special request from one of our troops serving in Iraq ( more on this later)

PBPP and MFAPBTA participated in the Tampa's Children's Parade in Ybor City on Jan. 6th Ybor City. It was such an honor for us to participate in this parade as this parade has never allowed any animals in their parade more less Pit Bulls saying this .. it was a HUGE moment for our organizations and even a bigger moment for our breed.

We were allowed 20 dogs to walk in the parade and we chose 20 ambassador dogs who have proven to the organization that they are well behaved and that their owners are at the top of their RESPONSIBLE OWNER game. We are hoping to have more invitations to more events as we were highly complimented by the event organizers and had such awesome comments from the public.

Slowly but surely we are getting the word out there !!!!

Happy Holidays and good will to all !!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pit Bulls Pounding the Pavement

For a few years I was pondering about what I could do to help educate my community in regards to my beloved breed but I never would commit myself to anything and waiting for someone else to do it. After seeing too many irresponsible owners and the increase in horrific news reports I had enough and I couldn't just sit by and wait for some one else to take the first step in efforts to educate the public. I wanted to do something to promote responsible ownership, positive breed image and to spread the truth about this wonderful breed.

Every day I walk my dogs and it gives me a chance to learn more about them and to learn how to read their body language, their likes and dislikes, a true chance to bond with my dogs ... and I decided that starting a dog walking club could be the answer. Then my son mentioned that it would be an awesome sight to see a bunch of well behaved pit bulls walking down the street and that it would definitely catch the public"s attention...

So we Pound the Pavement in efforts to change the perception that all pits are monsters who eat children and that all owners are thugs, drug dealers or dog fighters.

PBPP holds a monthly dog walk in random places through out Tampa Bay in efforts to have the public see that there are responsible owners who care about our dogs enough to get out and pound the pavement to promote them in a positive activity.

We started our first walk with 13 people and dogs and our last walk had approx 40 dogs and 50 people.
The first walk was at the Tampa Buccaneer stadium /AL Lopez Park
2nd walk was at Channel Side - Port of Tampa
3rd was in Ybor City
4th was on Bay shore Blvd and we walked to raise money for Angel.

We get wonderful public comments every time!! Future walks will be in St Pete, Tarpon Springs, Lakeland and even planning a trip to the state capitol.

We do not discriminate as we admire all Pit bulls in all forms. It's about the breed,the family pet, the couch loving dorky lickey loos and how to be a responsible owner. Its not about the papers or blood lines behind them. Its not about meeting people to breed your dog with, kennel promotions or promotions of upcoming breedings. It IS about educating the owners and the public about this misunderstood and mistreated breed.

Please note this wasn't done over night. There was a lot of self soul searching, educating myself on all issues in regards to this breed from history and heritage to dog on dog aggression, training, body language, dog and owner energy and it effects and what it REALLY MEANS TO BE A RESPONSIBLE OWNER. A lot of thought went into what I was trying to accomplish for the breed. I wanted this to be about the breed and not me. A lot of time was spent on planning, obtaining local permits and learning local laws and the obtaining approval of HCAS Animal Control Services. (by the way we have their total 2 thumbs up !)

WE have strict rules in regards to no NOSE TO NOSE meet up , 5 -10 foot distance span between dogs, no extension leashes ect....Safety for all is the top priority . We have 5-6 spotters (PIT PATROL TEAM) that are experienced pit bull owners/handlers who spread themselves through out the crowd to make sure that all rules are being followed and that all are having a great time.

I surrounded myself with experienced people who have helped in my Pit bull education and shared in my dream to see better days for the breed, who have also worked hard to make this work: Allen and Connie from , Ashley and Michelle from , THE PBPP Patrol team members not mentioned above, Brian and Andrea, Debbie and Lloyd, and Kim and Joe and last and certainly not least the wonderful people at BADRAP who continuously encourage me to keep moving forward and to follow my heart no matter how hard it may be and as long I am in it for the Breed all will come full circle sooner or later.

So for the BREED …for my Beloved Pit Bulls …. I POUND THE PAVEMENT!!!!

****Donations made during the walk are donated to local Pit bull rescues and or other needy canine causes