Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Long time no blog

Hello ...
Due to all the social networking we are now associated with, I have been neglectful of this blog. My new years resolution is to try and keep up on this blog and to publish it in a timely manner.

But this is a new year -2012-..and Yes Pit Bulls Pounding the Pavement Inc is still around and going strong in our community.
I am so glad to say that within the last 4 years since our inception the PIT BULL COMMUNITY has come sooooo far and Pit Bull Awareness in Tampa Bay has practically come full circle. We now almost have too many Pit Bull "experts" in our community.(tongue in cheek lol ). We now have numerous Pit bull rescues, educational organizations and events through out the Tampa Bay Area.
We have always had the full support of Hillsborough County Animal services and I am so proud and happy to say that their adoptions of pit bulls have triple over the years due to all the hard work of some pretty awesome volunteers (who many are original PBPP members)and the backing of the "Heads of the HCAS". They now have the PIT BULL AMBASSADOR PROGRAM, The ADOPT training program and the PIT CREW PROGRAM which is sponored by BEST FRIENDS inc.

Here are some of PBPP's happenings over the pass year or so :

I must start off the updates with very sorrowful news : Brutus - the true reason and  inspiration behind PBPP being founded  passed away on Sept 16, 2011 after a valiant battle with Osteosarcoma (bone) cancer.  He was only 8 years old and was at the prime of his life.  He has been missed tremendously. Everytime I hear that another Pit bull has been adopted from HCAS I have a bittersweet smile on my face as this is how I know his legacy will forever live on and his trials in life was not in vain.  He was my teacher in all things PIT BULL. Please click on the link below the picture  to find out more about how he was so instrumental in saving and rehoming so many Pit bulls in the Tampa Bay area and beyond and to find out more info on Canine Cancer.

This past year PBPP has again held our annual PIT BULLS POUNDING THE PAVEMENT WALK for Pit Bull Awareness month. This year we had over 120 dogs and participants. After the walk we had a big party at Gaspars Grotto with all kinds of doggie contests. It was an awesome event ( I promise to Post pics real soon)!!!! We could have had more but this is a safe number. The safety our dogs is our top priority. We had some pretty awesome dogs and wonderful responsible pit bull educated owners.

We were invited back again for TAMPA'S CHILDREN'S SANTA FEST parade (3rd year) and Pinella's Parks Christmas Night parade (2nd year). Last years parade (2010) we were honored to have BEST FRIENDS representatives join us to help show off our dogs. 
Being invited to participate in these parades is such an honor as the Childrens parade never allowed animals prior to our first appearance, more less pit bulls.  They were so impressed that we are now on the permanent invite lists. I want to send both cities our sincerest thank yous as they have been very instrumental in helping us educate our community on this breed.
Trying to get this blog caught up has made me realize exactly how much PBPP has changed and grown over the years and how much of an impact we have actually had in our community. WOW... sigh..slight smile... WOW....

Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped this community grow and to whom continue to help our breed look forward to much better days .....

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