Sunday, July 29, 2012


HOT FUN IN THE SUMMER TIME is an understatement!!!
It was in the high 90's yesterday but we still had an awesome turn out for the walk in Channelside.

It was awesome to see all the dogs playing and cooling off in the many  doggie pools we had set up along the walk's route and even greater seeing them enjoy the "water park".

I would like to thank the following people/entities for helping in making this such a wonderful event:

1. Kathy Nelson from Pibble's to the Rescue for being instrumental in getting this walk together.  Her enthusiasm to keep Pit Bulls Pounding the Pavement alive and active is humbling.

2.  The Owners of the LUXURY BOX who had been warned that Pit Bulls would only bring trouble and they aren't worth the effort yet took the chance on us and who were highly impressed with how wonderfully behaved our dogs were. AWESOME FOOD AND STAFF. We felt very welcomed!

3.  BAY AREA ICE, for providing  over 30 twenty pound bags free of charge for the doggie pools used along the walk route.  Their service was top notch, on time, professional yet very personable.

Please support these companies as much as possible as they are proven supporters of our breed and our cause to promote responsible ownership and positive breed activities.

Please note our next walk will be our PIT BULL AWARENESS WALK in September. Please keep your eyes open for more information.  This is our annual event and this will be an be our"EVENT" of the year!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hello All,

PBPP will be holding a "CASUAL RELAXED" walk on July 28th in ChannelSide, Tampa, hosted by the LUXURY BOX .

Recently there has been a lot of rumbling about a local DJ and his strong anti-pitbull campaign.
We have had  many requests to make this walk a protest against that station.

This is PBPP stance on this issue: 
For many years PBPP has gone toe to toe with this person and the station with minimal success of any long true or long change. Therfore,  WE REFUSE TO WASTE ANYMORE OF  OUR TIME BRINGING ANY MORE ATTENTION TO THIS PERSON , STATION OR SPONSORS. 

PBPP feels that we should focus on and  put our  best efforts into  supporting  those who support us such as radio/TVpersonalities , stations, organizations, and business's that have proven time and again to be true friends to our breed... those who chose to help uplift the breed and their owners.

So saying this ...Please come out Next weekend and just have a nice time supporting our breed and their  wonderful  responsible owners .

Thank you for being a Responsible Owner.

Founder PBPP