Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Pit Bulls Pounding the Pavement is proud to announce we have reunited our efforts to promote the American Pit Bull Terrier with Mid Florida American Pit Bull Terrier Association . It is exciting to know that the Bay area has such experienced, educated and dedicated organizations to serve our community. Together as one, we can make a difference!
Mid Florida American Pit Bull Terrier Association is a sanctioned club of the American Dog Breeders Association. Our foundation lies with the ADBA registered American Pit Bull Terrier. We are dog fanciers who understand responsible and educated breeding for the correct purpose, and responsible and educated ownership. Our mission is to preserve this incredible breed. But Mid Florida APBTA isn’t going to stop with just being dog fanciers. There is much work to be done surrounding this breed, such as the battle of breed specific legislation, animal cruelty, irresponsible ownership and negative and incorrect media reporting. We are grateful to join forces and establish a hardworking family-bond with Pit Bulls Pounding the Pavement to achieve all of our goals.

Both of these organizations are made up of dedicated and committed individuals that will work tirelessly to promote responsible pit bull ownership, who will spread the truth by educating the owners and the public about this awesome breed, and the issues of misunderstandings that surround this breed. Together we will continue to work diligently to promote this incredible dog, serve our community’s needs with training and diversified activities for both the dog and its owner, all the while remaining true to our beginnings…..the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Mid Florida APBTA is the oldest established pit bull organization in the Tampa Bay area born into existence back in the 1980’s. We have survived the test of time because we stand as stoic as our dogs, and have chosen to stay true to the breed and dedicated to the dogs themselves. We always have been and always will remain….here for the dogs. We understand the challenges of owning this breed, will forever help owners overcome these challenges, and labor tirelessly to maintain the right to own the breed of our choice.

Pit Bulls Pounding the Pavement was the brain-child of a dedicated and hardworking member of Mid Florida APBTA, CJ, who had the foresight to see the need in our community for the pet bull owner, has the heart for a pit bull in need, and has the drive and determination to develop this very unique and innovative program to promote this breed and improve its overall image. In fact, Pit Bulls Pounding the Pavement’s efforts were so successful it has since been mimicked not only here in the Bay area, but in other parts of the country as well.

With the efforts of Mid Florida APBTA and Pit Bull Pounding the Pavement working together we have the community’s best interest and needs at heart. From the dog fancier owning the high performance athletic pit bull who wants to experience the conformation dog show, weight pull competition or learn how to work and condition a breed of dogs that needs to work, to the family lickey-loo pet-bull whose loyalty cannot be matched…you will find Mid Florida APBTA and Pit Bulls Pounding the Pavement….. TOGETHER AS ONE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!
New and exciting activities and opportunities are being developed as this is being written….dog shows, walks, training and much, much more. Watch for the upcoming announcements on our various websites. Get yourself and your dogs ready….we’ll soon be rock’n the State of Florida once again!