Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Hello Walkers ...
Happy New Year !! Hope all enjoyed their holidays and had thier fill of family,love and laughter along with way too many college bowl games (Brutus says USC ROCKS)!!

Well another year is upon us and I beleive that this will be the year that the Tampa Bay area steps up to the plate and shows how a community of Pit Bull enthusist can come together and make a real difference in securing better days for our beloved breed.

The next PBPP is tentatively scheduled for January 24 th but the location has not been secured. The intended spot of the ST PETE PIER/Vinoy Park is a no-go for right now as there are many permitting requirments that we have to meet first. However I was very encourgaged that the Chief of Police's staff has been so wonderfully helpful and is looking forward to the day that they can accompnay us with our Pounding the Pavment mission.

This months walk wil be dedicated to a special military unit currently serving in Iraq...
We will be sponsoring the 1st AD STB/K9
which is a canine unit based out of Texas
. This is a very special request as they fully understand and are aware of the pass contributions that Pit Bulls have made in pass war efforts.
There are 13 Soldiers including 3 females who are deployed through Sept 2009.
We will be collecting money and or items for the canines as well as for thier handlers.
Everything that the K9's need has been provided for them but really need clean used tennis balls, Kongs, and squeaky toys, the K9's will enjoy playing with them as their reward for a job well done.
The handlers
would appreciate good quality disposable razors and Mach 3, hygiene
products (one female), ground coffee/creamer, snacks, AA AAA batteries For Their Down Time: They would appreciate support letters, current
magazines, card/board games, dominoes, darts/dart boards, AA, AAA batteries,
Music CD's, DVD's, support during the holiday season with decorations/music
and holiday cards to send home to family/friends.

Cold Weather Needs: hand and foot warmers, black knitted hats, gloves, hot
chocolate, and blankets.

Warm Weather Needs: fly swatters, sticky fly paper, small elec. fans,
insect repellent w/Deet, sunscreen w/high SPF, lip balm w.SPF, Cortisone
Cream (anti itch cream), medicated body powder (for heat rash).
So We are asking that all walkers bring something that they can contrubute to the K-9 unit in leiu of monetary donations and to pass the word around to others so that we can support our adopted troop while they are away from thier loved ones and so bravely serving thier country. We will have a bind that hopefully we can fill and ship overseas immediately after the walk.

Thanks for your support for both our troops and the continued sucess of PBPP

Pound on Responsible Pit Bull Owners